Hair color remover help, please?

So I decided I'm going to use hair color remover first for my box dyed brown black color.
And then I'm going to add a Loreal Ferria Power Reds r48
But I was wondering if I also added a burgundy color will add a little boost of color? Or help it tone it a bit? Or add dimension? Help?


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  • which hair color remover are you planning on using? and whats your natural hair color? and what do you mean by add a burgundy color? xD
    you could use the hair color remover on your hair, and then dye your hair with Loreal Feria Power Reds R48, and it should look nice depending on the outcome of the hair color remover. if your hair is super dark, it won't cover as well and itll be a pretty dark burgundy/brown color. if your hair is lighter, the color will cover very nicely and make it super vibrant. i suggest waiting a few weeks after you use the hair color remover before you dye your hair again.