What to wear to a black light party?

My friend is having a black light party for her 21st bday, and I'm not exactly the partying type, so I have no idea what to wear. I was thinking I could just wear black skinny jeans and a black top, then accessorize with glow in the dark bracelets, neon necklaces, and neon nail polish.

But I have no faith in my ability to dress for a party, so can someone help me out? D:


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  • depends on how you want to look,
    sexy: faux leather black pants (or regular black pants tight of course) and the black top and the accessories, darker makeup and some messy but still classy hair (curls, loose )
    super fun: neon neon neon, white pants and whatever shirt, neon bandana on wrist or as headband, glow sticks. maybe splatter paint.

    those are just sort of two extremes, anything in between is great too, up to you and i think your choice in outfit is fantastic.

    Questions on hair, or makeup especially and i am your call and beauty stuff i love love love (don't worry i'm not into hardcore makeup)

    • Thanks! Guess I'm sticking with what I've got then. If you don't mind, do you have any hair suggestions other than curls? I'm kind of terrible at curling it, haha. My hair's down to my waist, with side bangs, if that would help?

    • you and me both, i can curl others hair but don't even get me started on my own, it is pin straight and won't curl for the life of me. Anyhow obviously with my hair being straight i love straight hair, i also have side bangs. You could braid them back if you know what a dutch braid is you do that except don't gather hair on one side, (click link below for graphic, ask me questions if needed) or else, straight and sleek is always gorgeous.

      If you want to just wear it down i would suggest and good wash and then use a volumeizing spray (NOT MOUSE ) at your roots then blow dry pulling hair to opposite sides of parts and upside down for lift and put some sort of morrocan oil, coconut oil, hair serum (you get the idea) lightly! on the ends for shine and protection. blow-drying hair straight with a round brush is always the best to using an iron

    • Sorry that was quite the essay, here is the link for

      Kinda not the best pic, my apologies

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  • i acctually like what u want to put on but i also am not a party person lol so I don't know if thats what people wear to those things


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  • That sounds just fine. Maybe a neon bralette under a black mesh top.