How would you tell if a guy thinks you look good without saying anything?

Today I was walking to the bus and my best friend Rob was sitting there as always waiting to talk to me. I sat down across from him and he started talking to me. Today was different though he kept playing with his hair and he always faces my way. The only thing different was that if I don’t say anything because I don’t want to talk he will just look at me then look away then look at me again like he’s waiting for me to say something to me. Why does he do this it drives me crazy? Then the other day I got a makeover and he didn’t say I looked hot like the others. He kept staring from across the distance. He use to compliment me sometimes but it bothers me that he didn’t say anything. Is it normal for a guy to not say something if his friend looks hot? Or was he just shy and didn’t want me to know that he thought it.


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  • He always stares at you.


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