GUYS SURVEY copy&paste (can go into detail-preferred)

Preferred hair length on girls:

Feminine or Sporty:

High Heels or flats:

Makeup or none:

Hair curled or straightened:

Hair styles that you hate:

Bush-trimmed, shaved, or all out:

Online chatting-good at keeping convo's going or no:

What do you see first when you look at a girl:

What makes you remember a girl the most:

Get nervous around your crushes, yes or no:


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  • -Can be any length as long as she wears it like it's hers, like she wants to.

    -I'd have to say a 10-90 or 20-80 split for Fem vs. Sporty. I like a girl I could chase.


    - Minimal makeup.

    - Straightened


    -Hard to say; each has good and bad. Probably completely or almost completely shaven.

    -It's ok but, face-to-face is always better

    -Hair, face,(glasses), eyes, etc., etc., etc.,

    -The way she made me feel, and the way she smelled (smell is very key to memory)

    -Maybe a little, but it's under control.

    Hope it helps. I was going to say "It's just my opinion" then I realized that's what you're after.


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