What do you think of matching lingerie?

What's your reaction to a girl wearing a matching bra and panty set? Not necessarily bought as a set, but at least matching colors other than white where you can tell she matched them on purpose.

  • Huge turn on
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  • Not turned on, but I admire her style
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  • Good, but not a big deal
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  • Couldn't care less
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  • I respect her less
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Most Helpful Guy

  • maybe I'm easy to turn on but that would work for me , although at the moment just about any hot girl in her underware would work for me .


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What Guys Said 4

  • i like the mismatched look better actually, if you match them it seems like you expected someone to see them. The mismatch look makes it looks like you were awesome enough to get her to take her clothes off.

    • Interesting. Never thought of that. I Match most of the time since I never know and I'm obsessive like that.

  • matched on purpose?

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    • Since 100% of men in the poll liked it and no one thought it was a turn off, matching must be a good way to impress.

    • There you go then...but not all men like it. haha...

  • Don't care, just take it off.

  • I couldn't care less really. Lingerie just doesn't really turn me on.


What Girls Said 1

  • I know some guys who get really hot if she's wearing a matching set and more guys who couldn't care less. So I think it just all depends on the guy.

    • Definitely agree to that. Its would be the girl filling out the set that does it for me, but I would admire the style.

    • I was asking girls and guys, so what do you think? If you're straight, then if you saw her in a lockerroom or if she was your roommate?

    • I am straight, so either way I wouldn't be turned on, but I think matching sets are way cuter.

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