I'm a girl and I have a little bit of chest hair! girls help

okay I have a little bit of really light chest hair between my boobs. how can I get rid of it without getting acne there? please help ladies


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  • wax it, girl.

    if you shave it will grow back darker and thicker and ugh that will be horrible, wax is the best.

  • if it's just light hair it's really fine. I think it's beautiful. My boyfriend says its sexy. In fact, one weird thing is a lot of guys think light mustaches on girls are actually sexy. I have the same hairy chest and a teeny weeny treasure trail on my stomach but it looks fine. If you feel the need to get ride of it, don't use a razor. Wax. If you can't wax go to CVS and buy one of those hair removal pads.


    The rash you get after you shave is not acne, it's a form of dermititis that most women have so nothing to be enbarrassed about.