I'm Ugly And Unattractive? Is It Bad If I Feel This Way?

Hola.I'm 16 and I'm ugly and not attractive(no I'm not overweight nor do I have severe acne).Well,i was just thinking about somethings I've heard about and read about,like boyfriends who call their girlfriends names like "ugly" and etc.And I personally think,when and if I ever get a boyfriend,if he were to tell me I'm ugly,or unattractive and that there are prettier/hotter girls than me,I wouldn't get mad because he would be stating his opinion and my opinion too(just out loud),i mean,I'm not pretty and I have no reason to get mad about it.


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  • Well,if you're ugly,there's no point in you lying about it.If you're ugly,at least you can admit it unlike some chicks.Sorry though,ha I've always wondered what it was like to be ugly.And if your boyfriend calls you ugly,then you're allowing him to express his opinion.No one makes a big deal when a guy gives his opinion and calls a girl pretty or hot

    • Then you're lucky for being pretty=)

    • Mhmm

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  • well as per your opinion all that guys look out for is hot and sexy looks...

    do you really think that's the only criteria for a guy selecting a gal?

    if you are amongst such group of guys den I pity your condition...

    there are many things that guys see in a girl apart from her looks...they like intelligence,a little bit of innocence,an ability of being a good mother,etc...

    the list is endless...

    being pretty is only one aspect of it...and after a while in a relationship guys want a girl who can satisfy dem emotionally than physically...

    well and why and earth do you think that you are not pretty...there maybe many guys out there who might find you a total TURN ON...you simply might get their hearts pumping...

    so relax...dont loose on your self esteem...because if you are confident about yourself then it creates an aura around you that attracts people...

    and remember no person in this world has the right to tell you that you are not pretty...bcoz he himself is nt perfect...

    • Yea,i don't see too many guys going after good girls.Guys prefer a beautiful or hot girl over someone who can "satisfy them emotionally"

      And it's an opinion

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    • Well that's bcoz the guys at your age are immatured and thier thoughts aren't refined so much....at that time hormones are rushing and what they want is only wild sexual encounters.....they aren't in a mood to settle down........but I speak for majority....there are also some who at the same age are also looking for something more than just sex.....

    • Exactly and personality doesn't matter

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  • Stop thinking like this.

    Why do you think your ugly?

    And for those "boys" (I say boys because real men would not do this) call their girlfriends ugly...they are ass***. No one has a right to say whether they think a person is ugly or not. What makes them so damn perfect?

    And I also bet that you are a beautiful girl. The right guy would think the sunshine out of your ass. That is the person who you stick with

    so cheer up and smile cause you deserve to smile

  • Get some self respect before you get a boyfriend hun. Right now if a guy were to go out with you he could abuse and mistreat you and you would think that is okay because of how you feel about yourself. If a guy says things like that to you, that is the height of disrespect and shows that he does not give a damn about your feelings. Calling a girl ugly is one of the most hurtful things you can say. Just because you think you're unattractive does not give someone else the right to degrade you. True love surpasses physical beauty. So what if you don't look like Megan Fox? If a man really loves and cares for you he will see you as beautiful because of the person you are and how you make him feel. He will be able to overlook the imperfections that we all have, he won't compare you to other girls.

    • It doesn't really matter though,it isn't going to hurt my feelings

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    • And if I don't consider "ugly" or "unattractive" a mean thing to say then why would I take offense?If I think and know I'm ugly,then why should I get mad if a guy tells me I am?And it isn't an obligation for a guy to think his girlfriend is beautiful or gorgeous or pretty,nor is it one to think she is ugly or unattractive

    • I'm not even going to debate with you. Do what you want.