Girls: What hair style would look good on me?

So what hairstyle do you think would look good on me? Before you say anything hurtful, like how fat or ugly i am, trust me, i know, so please don't be hurtful. I have already lost 50lbs in the past 4/5 months and I'm currently trying to lose more, but there is not much i can do for my face. I put on a hat so you can't see the hairstyle i currently have. I just figured that the best i can do for myself right now is find a hairstyle that suits me :/

Extra info: My hair is blonde and somewhere in between wavy and curly. If i grow it too long it flips outward and looks terrible. I also would not ge willing to go with anything to short like bald or shaved (at least not entirely).

So what do you think? Something clean cut? Or something messy? Any specific suggestions? Picture examples of hairstyles would be especially appreciated. Thankyou all!



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  • Short and gelled dude!
    Like a 1/ 2 on the sides and a bit longer on top!
    Something like that, perhaps?

    • Haha, thanks! I will consider it, i just don't know if my jaw is thin enough to pull off a hairstyle like that.

      Thanks for the input!

    • You're welcome bud. c:
      You could always go to the stylist and ask what they recommend dude.

      I get my hair thinned out and trimmed and blended from top to short on the sides c:

  • how about long 80s hair dude?

  • I'm thinking undercut. Long on top short at the sides with a fade. Should suit you really well and flatter your features :)

  • Yeah, nobody's gonna know for sure without a pic of yourself

    • Haha sorry, i forgot to add the link.

      If you have any sugestions, guys feel free to answer too.

  • An afro would look just fine on that blue head of yours.