diy shirt crisis. help... please?

Yo I'm stressing.
Okay so tomorrow I have this spirit pep rally type thing and I was required to create a shirt. It was going well.
On the front, I wrote out "Sophmore" without realizing that I left out the extra "o". And my silly ass started to use the puffy paint.
I wrote, with the paint, "Sophmo" and then I stopped and realized that I spelled the word wrong.
Now, for my question.. is there ANY way possible for me to fix this? I have more iron-on letters, but I don't really think putting it over the painted letters would do anything but make things worse.
And obviously I have no time to get a new shirt.
Aiight dudes. Help a girl out.


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  • hmmm... do some cool drawing on it instead?


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  • Scrape it off?

    • It's still wet... will that work if it were dry?

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    • You are amazeballs. I'll try it out on a smaller section then I'll tell you how it worked out. :P

    • Awesome-sauce lol. (Idk why "amazeballs" reminds me off that AT&T commercial lol)