How do I get my man to get the idea of a sex change out of his head?

We're married and have been for almost 4 years now. In the beginning it was great because we were so much in love with each other but then over time I noticed that he liked wearing women's under garments while going about his day in regular man's clothing. I thought it was kinky at first but later it just started to creep me out when he did it all the time. I've caught him a few times at the mall looking at women's clothing and even saw him come out of a woman's dressing room with some dresses in his arms.

This past month he's been going to some doctor's office and somehow got the idea in his head that he preferred to have his penis removed and exchanged for a vagina. How in the world he can even get a vagina when he was born male is just plain gross and at the same time, what the f*ck is going on in his mind.

Anyways, any suggestions as to how I can talk him out of this situation?


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  • Go with him to see a therapist or couples counselor and talk this issue out. There's no easy way to "talk him out" of this. You may have to accept this is what he wants.

  • Sorry, but you probably can't talk him out of this. He's probably had these ideas and desires for most of his life.

    The only power you have is to decide if this sex change and cross-dressing is a dealbreaker for you (it'd be a dealbreaker for me).

    Good luck.

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