What should I wear?

I live in a pretty shitty city... We have only one mall... I can't buy clothes from online and the stores I would most likely shop at are wet seal, garage, earthbound, Macy's, target, Marshall's, and rue21 and forever 21. The shirts have to be white or navy blue and I can wear black, kacki, and navy bottoms (skirts, shorts, or pants) I'd like a more indie style suggestion and I need to go on a flats haul :) thanks beautiful people for helping me :3 also I need something to do with my hair please.
also this is Texas we are speaking of, south Texas so it's gunna get pretty hot soon and I'm a petite person so I hope that helps (height: 4'11"1/2... Weight 111 pounds)


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  • Fashion is a lot easier in colder climates :S

    Layering is a great way of looking indie, but for summer in Texas, I'm not sure you have many options! Not much variety at all.

    Are you able to dress a little bit layered?

    • PS. Is that a sweater you are wearing in your profile pic? It's really cute!

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    • Sorry I can't be of help! Even leggings and shorts would be too much down there right? Or a dress tights and flats?

    • Nope tights are fine :)

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