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Of a girl that's a 6 and what would she look like


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  • adorable, innocent (orevil lol) and cuuute <3

    • Trying to get a idea of a girl that's a 6 in my age range

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    • Well first I wouldn't be surprised cause I had a girl call me a 1 but im just going off what other people told me they said that I said go after a girl that most people would. Consider a 6 in. Looks cause I myself was a 6 as a guy

    • I really don't give a shit rn but congrats 👏👏

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  • I don't use ridiculous metric systems in my daily life. A person's value should not be determined by numbers.


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  • Nothing, because I actually go out into the real world and simply look at people and find them attractive (or not). The jokers that give you numbers or ratings for people have spent far too long on the internet trying to make these instinctual topics into an essay with quantifications.

    • Well I'm curious because girls rate me a 6 so I figure I should figure out what a girl that's a 6 looks like so I could have some idea where to start

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    • Just go to your questions page :P

    • Dude scrolled through all my questions this is the first one that's different I have asked a lot of looks related questions on my Part but I have never asked what a girl that people say I should go for looks like