Girls, do women like wearing pantyhose?

Do you understand how much better you look with hose on? Why wear panties with them? That's not how they were intended. That's what the gusset is for, to wick away moisture. More layers equals bad smell. (Panty)hose. Why wear two pairs of panties basically. Also it IS OK for you to wear open toed shoes. The fashion police have no idea what is sexy. I love it when you wear the beige and nude colors with open toed shoes

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  • I do happen to like wearing pantyhose and any top quality hose, sometimes with or without panties. I'm glad that you prefer the neutral shades too, as those are my go-to favorites. As for wearing hose with open toe shoes... It depends. The fashion police say "No", but I have done it on occasion, but the hosiery really has to be of an ultra sheer denier and not glaringly obvious.

  • I HATE pantyhose

    I ALWAYS wear panties with

    And iI think they look stupid with open toed shoes.

    And what looks good is a matter of personal taste. Your opinion is not the absolute truth