How to familiarize myself with current music?


I started going out to clubs. Before that, I didn't really have much of a social life so I didn't really care to listen to mainstream music.

Now I do. I want to know the lyrics to the common music played in night clubs. How do I go about familiarizing myself with the music? Any free links to pop music that I can listen to?



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  • Spotify has playlists which can help you out. Depends on the club you're going to but most just spam DJ Mustard (he makes beats for club bangers) so look up all his songs for sure.

    • Is Spotify free? It's a website right?

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    • So what music do I search for? I don't know the titles lol

    • They have playlists if you find the playlist section. Different clubs have different music but if you go to the rap/hip hop category you can find playlists titled "hip hop club bangers" or "new shit" or "swag" and stuff like that that's generally the club music

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  • Go to YouTube and find most listened to/watched videos...
    Music related.
    Or just type in most popular songs of _____ enter year you're interested in.
    Listen on YouTube.


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  • Bro don't listen to that shite lol, Google "trojan reggae and trojan ska" that's the shit bro, that's the shit :)

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