Does anyone on here have baby hairs? How do you style your hair without strays flying all over the place? Lol :)?

So my mom used to cut my hair when I was little because she didn't like the way it was growing in when I was a toddler, lol :P As result I have annoying baby hairs that are just an awkward length. Like I can't pin them back because they're too short for that but they're also not long enough to hide beneath the rest of my hair. What do you guys do to style your hair when baby hairs are not being very cooperative?? Thanks a bunch & I really appreciate your help! :) Also do guys mind baby hairs on a girl? I feel like they're too innocent looking sometimes?


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  • i do, but see iv always been the girl who's into messy hairstyles, so 99% of the time my hair is actually all over the place anyway and baby hairs r disguised :P
    i look terrible with my hair stuck to my head, unless I'm in the pool or beach- then i dont really care.

    • ok wait this was a selfish answer. what u can do is look into styling products like wax or gels that will hold ur hair in place. other than that, the only solutions are brushing it well, bobby pins or headbands =]

    • Actually your first answer gave me a lot of ideas, lol :) I like my hair when it's untamed & like a lioness too ;) Maybe I'll just let them do what they want until they grow out

    • haha ok good! yeah i mean i wish i could pull off neat hair sometimes but it really isn't... my thing :( but YES try look for some messy hairstyles because there r some super sexy ones out there:)

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  • Well I don't mind it, I mean my own hair is really, really naturally curly so my hairs all have minds of their own and go every which way they please lol. As for style I only have two styles short with some curl when it's cut or really curly when it's long I just put my head under the shower head in the morning and dry it off the hair does the rest.

    • Funny they have a mind of their own, lol :) I guess I'll just let them do their thing & hope for the best :) Thanks for your input

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  • You can use pomade or hair wax to lay them down with the rest of your hair. This could be new hair growth so they are going to grow longer if that's the case. Headbands, small barrettes, hats, I've used them all:)

    • I like the idea of barrettes & headbands :) Thanks for your suggestions!!