Am I being racist or is it just a case of attraction?

OK so there is this girl she has the right personality, makes me feel better, treats me well, except that she's black and I don't find her even remotely physically attractive to even look at her a couple of times.

I bet that I'm just as guilty as the people who put looks over personality, and I guess it's true in most cases, people 'like' those who they are physically attracted to.

After I told my friends that story, a couple of them called me racist and insensitive, and the others just didn't care or said that everyone has preferences.


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  • you can't help what you're attracted to. if you don't find black women attractive, then that's the way it is. it's not racism. it would be racism if you consciously thought she was inferior to you because she was black.


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  • If you were racist you wouldn't acknowledge her as a person and would have less respect for her because she's black. It doesn't sound like that's the case here. We all have our preferences for what we like physically in a partner, that doesn't make you racist.


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  • Exactly you can't help not being attracted to this black woman. its not your fault. If you were racist then you would treat her badly or be very rude like most are. But you do ackknowledge her existance and that's what keep you from being a racist.