Why Does These Always Happen?

My Friend always gets guys because she has a big butt and she dates them for a while then she gets bored and dumps them. But on the other hand I have big boobs and I get all they horny guys. But not to be mean or anything but I don't even think she is pretty. She is 150 pounds, has brown hair and brownish blue eyes. But I have blond hair, blue eyes and weigh 131 pounds. But I am not fat its all abs and a little fat but its only on my legs and face.


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  • Okay. 150lb, brown hair, a "big butt" and brownish-blue eyes isn't worse than 131lb, blond hair, big boobs and blue eyes. What are you suggesting? That blond hair makes you prettier? That weighing less does? Don't be ridiculous. There are beautiful women in a variety of colors and shapes and different guys are different and will be physically attracted to different looking women.

    However, your rude trashing of your friend and assumption that you should be the more attractive one in all guys eyes is not nice and makes you sound extremely conceited and unpleasant. You need to stop thinking about dating as being only about physical appearance and start realizing that unless you have something to offer in the way of personality you will continue to attract nothing but horny guys who are only there for the physical aspect of the relationship.

    • Um I was not being mean but I am just wondering why guys go for bigger girls where I live, but not skinny girls sorry if it sounded like I was being mean

    • I still think that different guys will be into different looking girls... and that's all. There are guys out there who find you attractive too, not just physically, but in terms of personality too, so maybe you just need to give it time!

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  • If your friend is more social and outgoing that could easily explain why she gets all the guys in the beginning, but don't assume that the ratio of horny guys to decent guys is any different from yours.

  • Why should you care about what kind of guys your friend gets? You think the guys that like her for her "big butt" aren't horny? Puh-Leaze. :) I'm sure you have guy friends that have a crush on you now, just open your eyes and you will see. ;)


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  • Guys are dogs you should just wait awhile and see if a guy really is into you for you not your breast.

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