Do I look better or worse with this new hair cut?

So before my hair was long and I thought I looked mature and somewhat vain. I got a hair cut a couple of days ago that layered my hair from the inside out so now I look like I have this fluffy layer at the bottom of my hair and it is much shorter. I think my new look is gentle, funny, friendly, safe and cute. Before I was pretty / sleek etc... But the problem is even though my hair cut is sculpted beautifully the hairdress abandoned me when a new customer walked into her home and the right side is about 1/2 inch longer than the left. I like my hair cut but I get irritated when I look at myself in the mirror because the two sides aren't equal.


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  • That hairdresser needs to learn how to run a business... seriously
    She abandoned you for another customer? Even though you payed her to cut your hair?
    Doing it out of her home is not very professional to begin with. But turning a customer away so she can get to another customer is very unprofessional
    Good thing you like the haircut though. I still say you shouldn't have been treated like that, but at least she did a good job
    I would advise going to a brick and mortar haircut salon (as opposed to someone's house) and asking them to even it out. I'm sure it would be a very simple fix for a professional.
    I would advise styling it to hide the uneven part, but considering you spent all that money to get it styled in a very specific way, I doubt you would want to.
    If the hair is literally just longer and requires no fixing aside from length, you could cut it yourself. But if it is even a slightly complex fix, I would highly advise against doing so.
    So yeah, I would suggest seeing a barber and asking them to even it out


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  • Maybe you could go back to the hairdresser and get her to fix it for you. The angled bob is in now, so maybe she thought you wanted something modern like that which explain why one part is longer than the other.

  • You should try to fix it yourself, which is not that hard ( or perhaps it is, I don't know, its not to hard for me). Or perhaps your mum can fix it? But NEVER go to that hairdresser again, I mean who just leaves halfway between their work?

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