How to get a guy's attention?

hey guys,

I need some advice.

There is a guy in my school I noticed, I want to get to know him

but I'm not sure if he even sees me. I don't even know his name.

do you know some kind of way to make him see me or even talk with me. most of our classes are next to each other and once a week we have choir together. this is all I can tell you about *him*

please help me



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  • i'm not being funny but unless you're shy walk up to him and say hi.


What Girls Said 1

  • eye contact, talk to a guy. dress well that's suitable to your style (make it look like it suits you so it shows you aren't trying too hard but it looks good on you) be friends with his friends etc. or get invovled in extracurricular. good luck

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