Would it be okay to wear this without an under shirt of any sort?

Here's a picture of a button-up sweater in question, its not exact but very similar.


Last time I wore this sweater but in my pre working out days and it use to fit me okay; that was 3 years ago. I tried these on recently and my arms barely fit inside them anymore and have become more fitted. I don't even think I can wear a t-shirt underneath it.

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  • You will probably be itchy and it might look a tad odd but you can if you want. I would just recommend getting a new cardigan or sweater you might try this place I get mine here and they are nice and comfy and fit good. https://www.aransweatermarket.com/gents-knitwear

    If you do end up getting one here pay with paypal credit cards don't work.


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