What are some clothing styles girls like on guys?

please help. I need help with style .


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  • link

    that's a good site

    and link

    i love that look


    i somehow like the look on the right with the green pants.

    well those are a few ideas

    i generally am happy with jeans and a t shirt on a guy lol. I'm simple that way


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  • what type of people do you want to attract?

    So I would say if you want to attract trendy people pick up a Vogue (make a girl buy it for you if it is too embarrassing) and check out the "hottest guys". Style is something is something you earn though, and sadly in today's world everyone depends on first impressions. So create your own look, do something that makes you feel good and if you are sick of what you are just go find some pizazz to add your style. And don't go out changing all at once, and if you really want to take a long weekend to do it and come back "shbang", this will also avoid the term fake.

    Remember style is EARNED.


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