Are there any perfumes that you get or buy and then they make you sick (nauseated)?

It is the SAME kind of background smell. And when you spray the perfume / eau de toilet, immediately you know you got the wrong one and they all smell the same.

So, which ones make YOU sick? I'm trying to recollect the names in my mind for the ones that make ME puke.


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  • Can you pinpoint the smell that makes you feel that way? Is it woody? Floral? Amber? If you have a couple names of ones you don't like you can go to those perfume makers sites and they list the attributes of them. Find the similar scents between them and you will better know what it is that makes you react that way


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  • All perfumes and colognes bother me so I can't pinpoint which ones are the worst.

    • Oh God. You must be allergic to the common content. I do know someone like you and there are only a couple that she can tolerate.

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    • :( thank you. I wanted an inexpensive one for casual evening use. I got some David Beckam brand... I think its called Intrigue. I had been looking forward to it because it smelt OK on the Tester. I ran out of my Gucci Guilty so I put this new one for work today. And now I don't know how to live with this for the day.

    • I find the testers are often misleading since it's all dried onto a piece of paper.

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  • i don't remember it's name... but there was one that smelled like rotten lemons basically... bleh

    • You may be right on the money. Because that horrible initial smell.. It always reminds me of a bad sink or bathroom cleaner. And I hate those lime / lemon smelling cleaners.