What is "Casual dress"?

I have an internship this summer and the dress code for the interns I'm told is casual.

What does that mean?

He did not say business casual. He simply said, "casual."

Now, to me, casual is tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a t-shirt. But I'm thinking that's not the same "casual" as he's thinking.

I also don't want to show up in a dress or be too fancy. This internship will involve a lot of moving around on my part and it would not be wise to sacrifice functionality for fashion. Wearing a dress would be just too formal for this position.

What do I wear?


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  • If you were a guy, I'd say a decent button up shirt and khakis to start out and then see what everyone else wears there.

    My office has suit days, and casual days and casual is jeans and a tshirt but that's a risky thing for your first day.

    So whatever the female equivalent of khakis and a shirt are , I'd go with that. Maybe business casual is the better term

    • I have business casual attire but he didn't say business casual. He said casual. Which is why I'm confused lol I'm thinking khakis and whatever nice shirt I can scrounge up?

    • With business casual, you wouldn't be out of place with casual, and you wouldn't be out of place with professional either (not that you have to worry since he said casual) so it's the safest best

      Being over dressed is never a problem. Being under dressed is. If anything, if your business casual and it really is tshirt and jeans casual, you'll still be making a good first Impression

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