Girls, what color should I get my nails?

Young male crossdresser who is taking the plunge & finally decided to get my nails done at a salon! I have been taking biotin & doing basic maintenance myself & after 3 months of growing them out they are long enough to get a manicure & be beautiful. My nail beds would make most girls jealous lol. So I was wondering if there were any requests for colors, styles etc. Pics will be posted after!

Just got them done yall! I don't know how to post the pics tho!
Hey y'all I ended up going with French with a flower & gem on the ring finer. I am so in love!! thank u all for the input xoxo. My email is bensmith508@yahoo. com if u want to see a pic!


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  • I really like the idea of a soft pink or nude, I think it's perfect for spring and especially since it's your first time doing them. I always think it looks cute when one nail ( the ring finger nail) has a little glitter to it, if you wanted to spice it up some.

    • I love that idea. Ill def make sure to post pics. I was thinking leopard on the ring finger!

    • I ended up getting french with gorgeous flower & gem on the ring finger! my email is Bensmith508@yahoo. com if u wanna see a pic! xoxo

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  • How exciting for you! And yes I am very jealous. We will not speak of the condition my nails are in after a bad base coat XD

    Spring is here so you have a TON of really pretty options. You could start easy with a nice nude or a pretty pale pink. I think that may be best for you because you can start thinking about how it feels to have them painted and how you feel about it. Plus it's also super easy to add accent glitter or patterns when you have something simple. Buzzfeed usually has some really pretty simple nail ideas.

    Seriously I could talk nails for hours so I am def looking forward to hearing about how you like them!

  • You can't go wrong with classic scarlet! Though for a springy look, maybe try a pastel aqua with white and/or light pink flowers on a tree branch, or just standing alone. You should probably limit the design to just a few fingers, however, as you don't want them to look too busy.

    Jeez, now I just want to dress you up and do your hair and makeup! You make me think about these things and it's like I'm playing Sims!

    • Omg I think we just became bestfriends I would loooove to do that! I have a pretty impressive coach purse collection too! I don't know what can I say I love fabulous things! xoxoxo

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    • muahhhahaha. Wow im jealous of u

    • I ended up getting french with beautiful flower & little gem on my ring finger. Id love to show u how they came out. Email me! Bensmith508@yahoo. com

  • If your nails are long I would go with a basic french manicure. I personally like colors that are kind of neutral and match everything, like pale pinks, or grays.

    • I was actually thinking of getting a french just because how classic it is. Yes my nails r very long. I wanna get french but with purpleish base to it

  • Oooh so many choices... Salon trips are always a treat! For a first time, you should totally try a French manicure. It's so classic and elegant, you can never go wrong. But if you go with a solid color (it's spring! choose something bright!), you should definitely have them paint those gorgeous little flowers on your thumbs!

    • It was the most amazing experience ever I even got my toes done to match too! I got these cute gladiator sandals to show them off!

    • That's amazing! I love it when my fingers and toes match. What did you end up going with?
      Epic! I have a pair myself and I ADORE them. They're so cute and they go with everything, so even if your outfit's plain, they add a subtle edge. :D

    • I ended up going with classic french but with flower & gem on the ring finger! my email is Bensmith508@yahoo. com Id love to show u! xoxo yasss i love cute sandals, i might get myself some strappy ones today these toes are too fresh not to show off!

  • Oh with spring in the air, you should do a snazzy mint green. Maybe with a statement nail in a peach color. Or you could do all one color and do cheetah print on two or three nails. Make sure you post pics when they are done

    • I just got them done!!! dont kno how to post the pics tho ://////

    • You have to be a lvl 2 Xper. I read it in the settings. Then you can copy and paste the link. What did you get done?

    • I got french with flower & gem on the ring finer! my email is bensmith508@yahoo. com if u want to see them! I am dying to show them off they are so beautiful!!

  • French nails?
    The tips can be...

    Also like you can put designs in your nails. Either names or diamonds, roses, stars, hearts, etc etc...

    But it's up to you :)

    • Def going to get something super cute thank u so much for the input!

    • I ended up doing french with flower & gem on the ring finger. I am so obsessed. I wish I could post a pic but my email is Bensmith508@yahoo. com if u wanna see it. Thanks for the help xoxo

  • how about clear?

    • I want a color whats wrong with that?

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    • how about u pick any color & Ill get it

    • i'd do the leopard thing in black and gold, then the rest of my nails in white. up to you though. enjoy