Would you date a brown-eyed guy?

Yes, no, maybe?

  • Yes, I love brown eyed guys!
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  • Maybe...
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  • No, they are not my type.
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  • Brown eyes are *** ugly....
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah please explain on what do you mean by brown eye guy? like just brown eyes? or is there like another meaning behind that?

    • Lol, it means exactly as it sounds. What other meaning can it possibly have? It's not worded as a tick question...?

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    • Are you sure? I'm talking about an average looking brown-eyed guy... Most women I have seen gravitate towards tanned blue-eyed men!

    • There are just eyes. ....lol

      women aren't that shallow. (at least I hope not) I have brown eyes. My ex's had brown eyes.

      it just depends on the girls. ...and the type the like. And besides honestly I don't see how like brown eyes or like eye color can affect that much. because there are like personality too. and how intellectually challenge they are.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Oh yeah excuse my grammar btw.

  • It would be hypocritical for me to say no.

    If I like a guy, I don't really care what color his eyes are. And brown eyes might be the most common, but they don't all come in the same shade, so writing off all brown-eyed people is pretty stupid.

  • yes my crush has got the biggest brown eyes, usually it's not really the color of they eye that attracts you.

  • Yes.

    But it also depends on everything else, like the personality of the brown-eyed guy.

  • Hell yes, I LOVE brown eyes!

    Not to say I wouldn't date a guy with eyes of any other colour, I don't mind what colour his eyes are but brown eyes are my favourite.


What Guys Said 2

  • Since brown eyes are the most common eye color, I'm going to take a stab here and guess that most women would.

  • what exactly do you mean "brown-eyed guy?"

    • Exactly as it sounds. It's not difficult to interpret English.

    • Wtf dude!!??

      i have brown eyes!!

      are you saying I'm unattractive cause of my eye color?

      your being stereo typical.

      brown eyes are the most common eye color.

      yes every one finds attraction towards colored eyes, but that doesn't mean 60-70percent of the population is gonna be single cause of their eye color.