Going to a club for the first time. What to wear? (Paint night)?

I'm 18 and have never been. Never even been to a party.

If I don't get dressed up and wear makeup I look 15! So I'm gonna get a friend to curl my hair or something and put on a little makeup.

Its paint fight night on the night I'm going so I'm gonna buy a white top. Idc if it gets ruined, I'll probably still wear it if the paint looks nice lol.
I got some navy blue booty shorts but I only have white and black keds for shoes lol.

What is your opinion? Anything I should know? I don't need safety tips cause I'm a safe person and I'm going with some trusted older people who will watch me :)


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  • Hey :) seems as though you've picked your outfit already to be honest! I'd say a mix of comfort and something sufficiently glam :) I usually go for a dress or a skirt and top to let the air circulate lol - gets hot otherwise! Had to google keds... but heels that you can't walk in when you're sober so will fall arse over tit in when you've had a few, aren't a good look. Curled hair and a bit of war paint sounds great :) I'm sure you'll look fab - main thing is (about from look after yourself and your drink..) have fun and enjoy it!

    • I didn't know if someone would have a better suggestion lol.
      Thanks for the tips! I appreciate it

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  • Poughkeepsie?

    • Huh?

    • there's a paint party in poughkeepsie ny tonight. Was curious if it was the one.

    • Ohh no lol. I'm not going tonight. Next weekend

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  • I recommend a plain white t shirt and some long pants... I wouldn't want to have paint on more of my skin than is absolutely necessary...