What can I wear wiht these pair of boots??

I have a pair of boots just like the ones in the picture below, but I'm not sure what I can wear with it other than jeans. I think it might look cute with a short skirt and leggings, and maybe with the short skirt and no leggings, but I don't want it to look to cheap if you know what I mean. So please let me know if you have any ideas.

Here's the picture of the boots


lol thanks but not exactly the answer I was looking for :p


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  • You can wear it with lots of things..

    A cute mini skirt, with a nice top and some stylish accessories.. the top should be a hot color or perhaps white... the skirt could be any color that would go with the top.

    You could also wear dark skinny tight jeans along with a white shirt or any light color with a cute blazer jacket, remember to tuck in the end of the jeans or leave it looking kinda Messy!

    Or you could wear a nice fall dress, shouldnt go lower than knees, could be (red, pruple,white...etc)

    mmmm another idea light ripped jeans with a shirt and a blazer if the weather is chilly with messy hair and golden'sh accessories would give you a sexy down to earth look gurl, kinda cowgurl style !

    remember that these boots go with either Earthtones or Forest tones.. nothing too bright or bling bling'sh !

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    • Thanks a lot I love you ideas!! Big help :))

    • =) my pleasure

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  • Lingerie - yummy :)

    • Lol thanks but not exactly the answer I was looking for :p

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    • Take a picture and ill get back to you =)

    • Still though...just saying

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  • You can wear it with a dress. Since the boots are brown, like a floral brown-ish spring dress. You don't need to add leggings to it.

    It's hard to describe it... so I've attached a cute outfit with similar color boots. :]


    • THanks You :) would it work if the boots are about half an inch below my knees?

    • The first model in the pic...has the daisy dukes thing going on...very hot

  • jean skirt

    or a normal skirt would be really nice

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