Girls, bb cream for acne?

Okay I've been using the Maybelline Dream pure BB cream and its been turning my skin orange I changed acne medicine my dermatologist gave me some new ones and then all the sudden my skin started changing I'm trying to find a good BB cream I'm willing to spend money I just need to find a good one I don't like the heavy feeling and I need coverage please help me lol thanks!!

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  • BB cream on ACNE? I thought a BB cream might not be recommended as BB creams tend to be more oily to give life to dry skin so I guess Im surprised this is your preference. I would do some research and find an oil free alternative

    • The Maybelline is specially formulated for acne prone skin i also didn't mention i have lots of dry patches and a oily t zone thanks for your help through

    • If its specially formukated then I can understand why you gave it a go. The hardest thing for you must be having combination skin so the dry areas are difficult to satisfy with acne. I would say your best chances are a specialty product. Get googling!

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