How can I turn my guy on?

Without it being restricted to a private setting?


How can I show him that I am interested in going further without like, being really ... blunt about it lol


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  • charm, mystique, seduction,

    they are all things that you get better at with experience.

    you could wear something sexy to start off with perhaps but you should consider

    trying to do all this when you're a bit wiser and know about what makes guys tick a little more.

    You still are a bit young and if you try to be seductive beyond your years, it can actually look quite foolish, like a 12 year old trying to be sexy by wearing heavy makeup.

    Its something that comes with time, research and experience.

    and when I say wear something sexy, I mean classy sexy, like a chinese dress, not trashy sexy, like a denim miniskirt and a belly shirt.


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