Do most girls wear tight or loose dresses for prom ?? Long ?? Short?? Please give whatever advice you'd like for me , or tips ! Thank you :)

Also do girls who don't have dates, usually get a corsage too? Or just girls with dates? Or doesn't really matter?


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  • It depends on the girl. Everybody's different. I wore long gowns to both of mine. Junior I went alone and don't remember having a corsage. Senior I had one. I brought my cousin. Lol super lame.


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  • I'm assuming tight, and I've seen varying lengths but usually they are between mid-calf and mid-thigh.

  • Dont wear a mermaid dress
    thats the only advice i can give you haha!

    • Haha I'm not! & why not? Lol are they ugly to you

    • they restrict mobility!
      bad for dancing!
      I dont really like them
      made my prom miserable, my gf couldnt dance
      get a dress you can dance in comfortably!
      its only one super overrated night of your life!

    • I see.. That sucks! & that's so true.. Thank you :)

  • It depends, what style of dresses do you like wearing? Are you busty? Strapless, halter, sweetheart? Long ones are more traditional, I've seen girls wear tight and loose ones.

    • No I'm not busty.. Thank you by the way :) and yeah I'm thinking of a long one too

    • Well I bought a long one

    • Ok, you're very welcome. :)

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  • I have never been to a prom ;_;.
    Anyway, long if you're tall, short if you're short.
    Tight if you're skinny, loose if you're... not skinny.

    • Fair enough :) I bought a long tight one lol. thank you!

    • You're welcome! Have fun! : )

    • Thank you, I will try :)

  • I had a long black dress that was super last minute and had an awesome discount cos it was a little ripped but it was BEAUTIFUL. At my prom there was only one girl with a short dress and there were a lot of long backless dresses. All the girls with good bodies had tight dresses and everyone else (like me) had like tight at the top but a little poofy at the bottom. Its a matter of preference.

    • This was really helpful ! Thank you. The thing is, I did buy my prom dress, which is tight.. I was just getting worried because I then noticed a lot of girls wearing looser dresses so I just got a little worried :p lol

    • Eh, who cares, its your prom, you wear what you want! To be honest you don't really notice what everyone else is wearing unless you really take the time to sit and observe haha. I only remember the guy I had a crush on

    • Yeah that's so true! Thank you. :D

  • Girls wear whatever that flatters them best at prom.

    • This is quite true :D haha