GIRLS:What underwear do you like your bf to wear?

Briefs,Boxers,Boxer-briefs,thongs lol!
What underwear makes your man irrestible to you!
any color preferences, anything!

Also i have hairy legs so, shave or no shave?


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  • I prefer boxer-briefs. They show a bit, but not too much! And I guess I like them being in a dark color for some reason, and most important no matter which model, color or anything else. They have to be clean, no stains (even though they're clean they might be miss-colored for some reason) and without holes or bad stretch!

    • haha no stains FTW
      i feel you, i just bought black boxer briefs, and dark blue briefs, from calvin klein

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    • nah trust me my legs are like on another level!
      i shave them every summer haha!
      i used to be a swimmer, so i shaved them all the time
      when i stopped swimming i let ti grow out! its gnarly
      I have hairy gene in my family lol! we are beasts

    • Well as I said, I personally don't mind hairy legs! But it's what makes you feel most attractive that counts for other to thing you're attractive as well :) If you don't feel attractive, people will sense that and find something on you that they don't like. If you feel attractive they might be able to spot something they find unattractive, but it will be easier to overlook since "over-all" your an attractive person. It all starts with yourself really! :)

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  • Boxers. Briefs and boxer briefs make me think he's a child.

    • okare you serious?
      i thought girls liked briefs, it gives me a nice bulge!

    • ... no. just boxers.

    • ok haha! thanks for your opinion!

  • My husband is is a free baller. Suits me just fine. I love it.

    • Haha! thats the life! he is lucky!
      Is he a sailor? your username?

    • He was a sailor. It was when he was on ship working in an area that ran 120 degrees, underwear lost its appeal real quick. Lol he's been commando ever since. :)

  • Boxer briefs.

    • awesome! thats a majority of my underwear!

    • sorry for the awkwardness
      thanks for the opinions i am buying underwear today and want to finally buy some sexy pairs

  • hot pink g-strings!


    • damn i just bought a jaguar, limegreen, and orange g string...
      should've gotten the pink too :p

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    • haha ok will get the dark grey ones!

    • yes, get the assless chaps too!

      how do you feel about being tied up? ;)

  • boxer-briefss <3

    • that seems to be the way to go thanks!!

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    • Oh and for the update I don't care unless its so hairy that you can barely see skin

    • i will have to shave then lol!

  • boxers or boxer briefs. basic colors (black, grey) or nice patterns (blue and white stripes...). I usually get him Hanros. And don't shave!

    • haha! ok i thought girls liked that cause thats how all the model dudes look like

    • I never really paid attention to that on male models tbh. I'm just sure that I wouldn't like if my bf shaved his legs!

    • Ok thanks for the heads up!

  • I've only seen my guy in boxer briefs once because he doesn't think they're comfortable but he looked very good in them ;)

    He regularly wears boxers or gym shorts though and I'm pretty neutral about them they're not like "omg sexy" but they're not "eww gross" either. Besides they're going to come off shortly anyways.

    As far as the hair I don't care about hairy legs but I do appreciate him to at least trim his pubes down really short.


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  • Where is the "lace panties" option?

    • thats kind of not, mens underwear i guess so though thanks for the suggestion