Girls, hair Part?

What hair part do you girls prefer?

I have always had my hair part on my right side and after a guy friend told me it was one of the few he knew did it like that I did some research and found a thing called "Hair Part Theory" that says that people like you less if you part your hair to the opposite side of what is normal (they use guys like Leo DiCaprio or George Clooney as examples, and they also use superman example because when superman was clark kent he parted his hair on the right side and when he transformed to superman he did it on the left) so yesterday I got my monthly haircut and told my hairdresser to cut it so that I could part it the other way but after a day it doesn't really look good, and even though I have combed it a lot of times so that it gets used to this new style it doesn't look good. Do I need to wait a few days?

Coincidently I noticed that a lot of guys that have my sort of face (Mauricio Pinilla (a footballer that was voted the most attractive in the world cup < he won giroud that part his hair on his left side), David Gandy and other models I found when looking for hairstyles) some times part it on the right side like I did before this haircut, so Im really confused now and I need your opinion please :D

PS: Its funny that when I parted my hair on the right side they told me that I looked like Pinilla and yesterday when I changed my hair part someone told me I looked like Giroud.

  • Hair part on the right (like Mauricio Pinilla)
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  • Hair part on the left (like Olivier Giroud)
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  • Just want to see the results
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