Help with hair colour?

Hey guys and girls - I've had a brighter red hair colour for a while now and am not sure whether to stay as I am (first picture) or go for a deeper dark brown (second pic). All opinions greatly appreciated!! Ta :)

Help with hair colour!?


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  • You are equally lovely in either picture. You have such lovely facial features that hair colour doesn't matter. My preference? Dark.

    • Thank you very much! :) I'm leaning towards going back to dark.. it's easier to maintain and i don't look like I'm on fire that way lol

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    • If you really want to know, go to my profile and click on message. I have nothing to hide. from anyone!

    • Hey!! Didn't expect this!! Just gave my honest thoughts, but thanks!!

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  • Dark is more calming. The bright red is kind of extreme.


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