Is he flirting with me??

OK, I'm a university student on my last year and there's this lecturer that keeps looking at me in class. I'm 22 and his probably in late 20's-early 30's. In lectures, he always makes jokes, and then looks in my direction to see if I laughed and smiles at me. And when we are having small workshops, he comes up to me a lot to 'discuss'. Also, he only says hello to me in the morning but not to my other classmates. In addition, I've caught him looking at me a few times and had to look away cause I was embarrassed to catch him.


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  • That sounds like those male primal instincts to me. He's sniffing for the goods. And you've got 'em. Do you feel awkward that he's doing this? If my college professor did that to me, I would flirt with her back to make that "A" grade, the semester will be over soon, and once that's over, the flirting will be over too and I will have successfully added another good grade to my arsenal. That's just me but it may be a little weird. Do you like this guy? Think he's cute or what? Give me some more details as to why you wanna know this. But yes, he's definitely into you ;)

    • Er. I'm kinda embarrassed as he 'flirts' in class and I don't want people to get the wrong impression. But he is kinda cute lol however I don't want anything to happen because of the whole teacher student thing =s

    • Yeah I agree with you completely, the flirting puts a strain on the student-teacher relationship. I really don't know what to say as to what you should do. You know we guys don't really chose who we like, it just happens. My best advice is even if you're embarrassed don't smile at him in that girly way as to provoke him into thinking that you are interested. Just send the signals that you are strictly a student, and that you want to keep it that way.

    • Thanks a bunch :)

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