I'm desperate!!

all in all this guy asked me to be his girlfriend twice ..once 5 months ago and the other 2 weeks ago .. I said I like him but I'm not ready for a relation , now he's being really cold and he doesn't call and nothing! we go to same college though anyway I won't get into details .. I just wanna know why is he being like this ? is it normal for guys to act like that so I can get more interested or he simply took me out of his head ?! :(


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  • Yea man not only because of what that last guy commented but he is probly p*ssed that he can't be with the girl he is seriously feeling, I've felt like that


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  • Of course he's going to act like this. You rejected him twice. One time, shame on you. Two times, shame on me. Guys have pride. You're not an interest of his anymore, move on.

    • U kiddin me!! ... first time I rejected because I was already in a relation and second time was because I was afraid to get broken again and he knows that .. plus that I told him I like him too ..simply I'm scared!! and I also told him I don't wanna lose him ... wht can I do to win him back ?!

    • He is taking this as you're playing a game with him! That's all I'm saying. Can't be afraid of getting broken again, because it's possible in any relationship. You two just need to talk!

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  • Okay so I'm not a guy, but what do you except him to do? You rejected him twice. I think sometimes we forget men have feelings to and they like us fear rejection, put yourself in his shoes. Not to sound rude or mean but sounds like you want your cake and eat it to.