Do you live in an apartment?

What are some of your best decorating ideas? I have a small kitchen and more stuff then what fits. Can anyone give some suggestions. The is a medium sized pantry and a good amount of cabinet space.


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  • Sometimes less is more, having too many things in a small space makes it look clustered.

    • That is part of what we just did. We recently moved and got rid of so much stuff. It feels great but all the stuff in the kitchen is stuff we use on a regular basis so there isn't the option of downsizing anymore

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  • What really helps is a pot rack on the wall and knives on magnets on a wall. It frees cabinet and drawer space

    • I really like the magnet idea. I do have a knife block but it takes up counter space which there is a limited amount of lol

  • Keep the walls light in colour. Use accessories and areas of coloured tiling to give some interest. My mum has magnolia walls, red oblong tiles up to just below wall cupboards, a large wooden wall mounted plate and mug rack over the sink, a wall mounted 30 jar spice rack, (old fashioned type) and a saucepan rack. Keep what you use most in kitchen, toaster, bread maker, kettle (of course) etc. Keep things not so often used like food processors in the pantry.
    Can send pics if you want. Nothing to hide, might give you some ideas.

    • Sure that would be great. My SO is the one that cooks most often but said that I do better organizing and I am so at a loss with the size of this kitchen

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    • Well there you go, I approached you!! I'm serious. If you want some pics, you'll be welcome

  • Decorate as if its 1973


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  • I used to for like 5 year's I loved it we had a pool in our second apartment.