Prom dress cover advice?

Prom dress cover advice?
I'm in need of some help! My friend lent me this dress for prom this year, and I love it. The green goes well with my skin and the top is perfect. I am running into an issue, however. My school does not allow bare shoulder dresses. So I need to find a solution. I suppose I could wear a black shawl or mini jacket or maybe a shirt under it. But I don't want to detract from the elegance. Do you have any ideas? Like I said, it's my friends, so I can't sew on any sleeves. Please and thank you!


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  • First of all... your school is dumb. I went to a private school and they were really restrictive but for prom? They were fine with whatever. I also am not an expert at girls clothing, but I have seen my sister and some of my friends wear one of those thin wool/silk fabric jackets. It is see through and white. You could use it to cover up your arms, but you could still see the dress. I am so sorry I am not much use. I will put a link for a picture below.

    (I hope the link works)


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