Am I attractive?

Most of my life I didn't feel attractive at all because I had crapppy self esteem. But some people have called me cute, though I always disagree. What do you think? I'm 19 btw.


And also, what's would you say is the difference between cute and hot?


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  • The difference is that hot people look like they are very sexual. A lot of people consider the guy from Twilight hot because he always has a "smoldering" look in his eyes, like he is watching a woman do a strip show for him or something.

    You are cute. You look a little sad though. Almost hunched over like you really lack confidence. If you could look less like you are hiding yourself (stand taller maybe, look directly at the camera/people), I think you would look way cuter, maybe even hot.

    The other thing that would help you would be a new hair cut. Either grow it longer or get the sides cut shorter. I would get a hairdresser (not a barber) to cut it.

    My personal preference would be to lose the studs, but some girls might like them.

    • I had to hunch over, my webcam could barely reach :\

      And yeah I agree with the haircut. Really I usually have longer hair, but when I got it cut this time they really screwed up and pretty much left me with a buzz cut :(

    • It still looks like you are a little timid though. That's fine, but you may feel better if you project a more confident image. Shoulders back! Head up! Look people in the eye! (My granddad was in the Navy)

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  • I think you're pretty cute. :) I don't really like the lip studs though, if they were different it would be ok but the ones in the pic I don't really like.

  • Haha yeah, you're cute. Don't disagree with people when they tell you that you are, it certainly won't help your self esteem.

    And as far as the difference between cute and hot... I don't know what the difference is. There just is.

    Hope I helped.

  • You would be very cute without the lip thing I would never go out with a guy who had that I think its gross.

  • I think your cute, except I don't like the lip ring, sorry! :)

  • I think ur cute, the lip studs are kewl but I think you'd look better w/o them ^^

  • i would take care of the eyebrows

    dress a little nicer

    get more confidence. don't look so timid, like the other girl said stand like you have good posture.

    stop disagreeing when people say you're cute. take compliments when they are given to you. you are not ugly

    get rid of the lip ring

    maybe some different glasses?

    different haircut


    overall you are not a bad looking guy, I just think those changes would make you more attractive but this is only my opinion


    hot is when a guy is sexy good looking and he makes you think about sex

    cute is when a guy is handsome good looking and he makes you think about what it would be like to be his girl, be with him, or in his arms

  • ya you're cute... people aren't lying when they tell you you are... just receive compliments graciously, or else it makes everyone awkward...

    I don't know what the difference is, lol


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