Judging attractive men

I'm an attractive guy. I maintain a muscular cut look and have pretty face to go along with it.

I was just wondering what are some of the things you think even before meeting and getting to know an attractive guy?

I have some ideas and some people have admitted to me what they thought of me before getting to know me. Just curious to hear some more of peoples thoughts on this.


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  • so basically you are wondering what would go on in a female's mind when they meet an attractive guy?

    here are the following things I can come up with.

    1- the could be super shallow

    2.-ehh --i'm not going to be their type might as well just forget it and stick to being friends.

    3-ehh his overly friendly actions? --emm probably just because he's friendly --probably doesn't mean anything

    4. depending on the situation and the vibe that's given off that guy can come off as being a player or cocky.

    5. Oh he's attractive must be taken.


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  • Since I have great self confidence and also work out and maintain my looks, when I see a super hot guy I think, "I want me some of that!"

    I know it sounds shallow but I know how hard it is to maintain muscle and to take the time to make yourself look good before leaving the house so when I see a guys that puts in the time I apprecaite it and I want to get to know them because they seem dicisplined and care about themselves.

    I don't think all hot guys are jerks or jocks or shallow or players. Some are, but plenty aren't and I've got some very good hot male friends that are wonderful inside and out.

    Hope that helps!

  • It depends on how he looks. Guys can be attractive and have different styles/vibes. But usually I would think he's a player and possibly conceited. I wouldn't hold that against him though because I have been wrong about those assumptions before, I'd still try to get to know him maybe but yeah if you are a hot guy with a nice body I would think you get a lot of girls and are a player.

  • honestly, the first thing that pops into me head,is "wow, he's hot. wonder if he's a douchebag..." because most of the time hot guys are. then I guess, I wonder if he's single, naturally. then you look for any sort of sentimental stuff (hints of a gf), then you kinda wonder what his personality is like, then if his body language tells you if he's cocky, or smart under neath it all, or just chill. random things like that...

  • I'm really ashamed of admitting this but every time I see a good-looking guy I think a lot of things. First of all I say he's good looking. Then I say "Probably he's shallow, egocentrical, player" ect...

    and I hate to say this but a lot of girls think that too

    • It's done to protect your ego.

      "rich people, they're all snobby superficial greedy people who probably had to suck their way to the top."

      "she's probably a b1tch who doesn't have any skills and uses her looks to get where she is."

      It's a nasty thing people do and I believe there's a tint of envy in there.

    • I don't think so ^^ actually I think so because a bad experience I had. I know "You're not all the same" I believe in this. But it's like something I do Subconsciously that I can't just help.

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  • You're going to get pre-judged no matter what, so you might as well be in good shape. If you were in poor shape, people will make a prejudgment on that, too. I think it's best to be in good shape and those that get to know you well enough to know that you're not a meathead will be glad to know a guy who is not only really nice but also in great shape. Double threat.

  • I've been told by most of my girl friends that they think most attractive guys have an ego problem.

  • "Playerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" - its a stereotype, but it works for a lot of them.

    Attractive men, just like attractive women - can get a possy of followers without doing anything but strutting down the street. When people mature, that changes. Mr Sexy is now "Mr-Known-To-Cheat"... And the ugly duckling is now the most attractive and educated woman you have possibly known.