Girls, do you think it's okay for me to wear girls tight fitting jeans?

So, I am a 24 year old male, and I am completely straight. But I prefer wearing women's jeans much more than men's. Because they are cheaper, the fabric is much more comfortable and are not baggy. Whenever I go in public wearing women's jeans I will sometimes get looks, and I feel judged. clothes are clothes. What are girls feelings on guys wearing women's jeans?

This is a picture of the clothes I usually wear,

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  • I mean, I suppose it's a little weird, but I've seen odder things. But, like, when it really comes down to it, everybody gets judged based on their clothings (I love wearing old victorian dresses - like little girl type style - and other type things, and people will sometimes make comments and look at me a bit funny), but as long as you're comfortable and do you, then who cares what people think? Besides, if you're confident and you give off the air of really not caring, people are less likely to judge you.

    • Thank you, and it's not like they have glitter and lady bugs on them. They're just a bit tighter. I think shopping in the womens section of a clothing store is actually awkward though. Lol

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    • Thanks, I am actually surprised to be getting helpful comments. I really expected girls to just be telling me how messed up it was. So thank you =] and yeah, I feel weird enough shopping in the women's section, so I just try them on at home. Lol.

    • Lol nah, I think most girls are like whatever because in reality very few people actually care. Most that say something are usually jut trying to be rude, or have no filter. I mean, maybe the judgmental looks you get or more you reflecting it on yourself? Like, you feel uncomfortable so you think people are judging you maybe?

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  • Just wear what make you comfortable. If it's so popular for girls to steal their bf's jeans that's there's actually a style called "the boyfriend jean" then you can shop in the women's section. If anyone says anything say you're shopping for your gf. Just toss a dude's shirt or jeans when you go try stuff on and say you want to hold on to things so you don't forget them if it's one of those places where they count.

    Of course you may end up a smaller store and the people will help you out anyway :)

  • Well, I think it's a little strange that you like to wear womens jeans... But oh well, wear whatever you want. Lol

  • I think we should all just wear whatever the frig we want.
    Plus, tight jeans are hot on guys :P

    P. S - I know other guys that wear women's jeans, you are not alone!

  • Wear what you want but don't expect me to like it lol

  • How would I know they were girl pants?

  • I voted B because I'm afraid tight girl jeans might not be good for your man area :/

    • It is only uncomfortable if i sit for too long. Other than that, my man area is completely fine =]

  • You mean Mama jeans?

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