If I dye my eyebrows darker will they also look thicker?

I am dark skin with black hair. I have "patchy" eyebrows sort of like this lady's

If I dye my eyebrows darker will they also look thicker?

I do fill in the thin areas so they look more like this

But I'm TIRED of having to spend 10-20 mins filling in my eyebrows. I'm not a makeup person anyway so I'm really not willing to be doing this filling crap for the rest of my life. BUT I prefer how I look with with darker, filled in eyebrows (especially since my hair is so dark!). Would dyeing my eyebrows darker help or would they still look all patchy?

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  • I don't know about salons and shit, b/c i'm a guy lol but definitely fill it in with a eye pencil or dye or whatever girls are using. I think all girls I've dated fill in with eye pencils every day.

    It makes your eyebrows look full and that really brings out your face and brightens your eyes (along with mascara with eye lashes).

    But some girls overdo it too, you want to see hair still. Some girls (thanks kim kardashian..) like have sharpie-drawn eyebrows lol its totally disgusting.

    Hope that helps.


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  • dyeing? girl dont even go there.

    my trick? eyeshadow.

    my eyebrows aren't that patchy but some places so need filling in. find an eyeshadow similar to ur brow colour, buy a thin angled brush and work through your brows, first drawing out ur shape then filling them in, making sure u dont put too much as it can look overwhelming. it looks so much more natural than a pencil AND takes like 5 minutes to do both.

  • I have thick eyebrows and having dark brown hair they're also dark. Making them darker will make them stand out more, but they won't make them look thicker. And if your eyebrow color really varies from your hair color its a horrible look. Keep them the way they are they are just fine! I have seen people with NO eyebrows!!

  • It will not define your eyebrows' shape. Go to a beautician so she can help you define and colour if needed.

    • i don't care about the shape per se (i don't care whether my eyebrows are arched or not) i just want to them stand out more against my skin right now they look faint will dyeing them help with that?

    • Yes, but it can dry out so keep good maintenance.

  • it only makes them darker but gives no "shadow" which is what you desire, i have same issue