I need help with my foundation (make up) HELP?

So I have so few issues with my foundation, the foundation I use is Maybelline New York Fit Me liquid Foundation shade 235. The problem is that when I put a lot of it on, it makes my face too tan and looks orange. When I put a lot of on my face its pretty noticeable that I'm wearing make up. When I put just a little it blends into my skin and you don't notice a thing. I use a lot of foundation because I have bad acne and its been covering up my acne pretty good. But I hate how it looks so orange I want it to blend it with my natural skin colour and cover all my acne. Any tips on how to do this???


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  • Get another color to blend it with so that it matches your skin. The formula oxidizes after air hits it so if it's a little light at first it's ok. If it's tooo light, put a little bronzer all over your face. Also if you can invest in higher brand fun coverage foundations like kat Von d & tarte (for oily skin) drink water too! It'll get better eventually. Hope this helps :)

    • *full coverage not fun coverage

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    • Ok! I know that the fit me line has a corrector I think I use that first if that doesn't work I look for the green corrector thank you so much!!

    • You're welcome!