Do you think colors really affect peoples moods?

Im reading about body language and micro expressions. It has a section about colors and how they affect moods. Do you believe this theory? Why or why not?


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  • Absolutely. I noticed I wear certain colours and outfits depending on the weather & my mood rather than where I'm going.
    If I feel really moody & have my resting bitch face on, I'll only wear black. But if I'm all jolly holly and feeling myself, I'll wear more vibrant colours. I've also noticed others react to such colours and attitudes.


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  • Yes I do and can you tel me what book it is please. I really like the subject of body language. That's actually how I ended up finding girlsaskguys.

    • Human lie detection & body language 101 by Vanessa Van Edwards and Lie Spotting by Pamela Meyer.
      Vanessa Van Edwards also has a website called thescienceofpeople. com

  • Yeah like the colours yellow, and bright blue really seem to piss me off.

    But all the other colours are nice to look at


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