So I really just need to know that I'm not going insane. The other day I "lost" my keys, it had my car key, apartment key, house key, work key. So I drove back to my apartment from school (so I obviously had the keys then) I locked my car (not in my car) and went upstairs to the apartment. Our window was broken and the repair guy was putting a board over the broken window. The door was open and he asked me to help hold the board, so I set my stuff down and went to hold the board. He then left and I took my backpack and things to my room. I didn't use my keys or leave until the next morning when I couldn;t find my keys. I have looked everywhere, literally torn the apartment apart for 2 days. Searched dirty clothes, in chairs, in my car, everywhere. I am starting to suspect the window guy took my keys, but it seems far-fetched. Anyone have any ideas?

Also the reason our window was broken was because someone threw a rock through it at 5 in the morning. We didn't see anyone and it doesn't look like anyone tried to break in, but it was very odd. We live on the second floor of the apartment complex.


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  • If you set your stuff down near an open door, anyone could've come along and taken them without you realizing it. Perhaps the person who randomly threw a rock through your window the other day...?

    You might want to change your locks, just in case.


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  • Maybe he saw something he liked and decided to take the apt. key, ditch the rest in a bush outside and come back sometime when you were gone to take it. Its possible. A year ago, I had a cable man steal a PS3 game from me. I had just moved in and bought it, played it, switched it out for a DVD and didn't play it until the cable guy came... I wanted to play it later and it was missing. Nowhere inside or under anything. :/ I never called them about it but I should have.

    • Maybe, but this guy works for the realty company and has been over before. He doesn't seem like he would be one to steal and break in. But who knows?

  • Change the locks on your doors pronto.

    • That's probably a good idea, we have a lot of expensive stuff in here.

  • It's a possibility, and it's not like I haven't done the same thing. But when I have, they always seem to be in the place you least expect to find them- :D

    • I'd love to believe he didn't steal them but I have looked in everywhere even places I know they wouldn't be. Trash, behind things, in drawers, in fridge, outside everywhere...