How can a girl become a 10 in looks? FOR GUYS ONLY!

Ok I'm 5foot2 and 103lbs, think 100lbs would be the best. I am an A cup with slim arms and legs but pudgy tummy (prone to weight gain there if I do gain weight). I know a lot about grooming but what kind of look do guys like the best? I'm thinking a natural-pretty look that can be achieved through grooming. I'm pale girl with brown hair and blue eyes.

What would make me stand out looks-wise and make me a 10? Please give me suggestions and tips-I don't want to hear that I'm fine already and should stop worrying etc. I want genuine answers only please!



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  • How to become perfect? Omnipotence maybe? You will never be a perfect 10. No girl will ever be. Its just a limit to a scale that shows a certain value or importance in physical attraction... because lets face it: You could go blond with curls and be so skinny you could play the xylophone on your ribcage and then I wouldn't think you were a 10 because I'm not attracted to thin blond types. And if you changed from that, the people that do like them won't think you are attractive anymore. Its impossible because a lot of different guys like a lot of different things. The best advice I can give you is try and look YOUR best, not based off of anyone elses scales or rules. Do what fits you and YOU will feel you are a 10.


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  • How to be a 10? Be yourself, that's how.

    Every person is different. Just as my opinion on girls when I say that I hate it when girls over-do their makeup or look too pretty, I like girls that are naturally cute..

    And another person could say the opposite of what I said, making my opinion moot.

    So pretty much in the long run there is no '10' in the eyes of the public.

    The only '10' you can get is from a person that loves you for who you are!

  • it's kind of hard to say how you could improve without seeing a could have an amazing body but a fugly ass face anyways


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  • -tone up. you are obviously not fat but I don't know if you're toned or not. guys like girls that are tight and toned

    -natural pretty look is always the best

    -tans always make girls look hotter


    -how long is your hair? its hot to have long hair down to the middle of your back

    i know you said guys only but they are giving you bs answers so I decided to help lol

  • This is a very genuine answer, though I doubt it's what you want to hear. I have no idea how attractive you are or are not already. What I do know is this: you are too focused on it. (I don't mean this unkindly.) And most of the guys I know would think so too. We all want to look our best (whatever that is) but obsessing about it, worrying about 3 pounds or going for a "10," is an unattractive trait. Looks count for something, but they don't count as much as you think they do. Step away from the mirror and cultivate your empathy, conversational skills or intellect instead.

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