Time for a haircut?

I'm trying to grow my hair out long, but I am starting to get the urge to cut it. Right now it is about 3 and a half inches long all around. It is starting to look shaggy, but in a bad way.

I have a "heart shaped" head.

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Ah, excuse my stupidity, I meant to say "heart shaped" face...


Most Helpful Guy

  • I was the same way when I decided to grow my hair out, mainly cus it was at JUST the right length to mess with your face, but not long enough to do anything with. If your wanting to see how it is grown out, give it a bit more before you change your mind (comming from a guy with a ponytail xD)

    If you don't like it longer, then well you can cut it then. I gave it time before deciding and now I refuse to cut it.

    • Yeah, I don't want to cut it since I have been growing it for almost 5 months now. I have never seen myself with long hair, I just want to grow it out and experiment. But I feel like it isn't making any progress, and at the same time looking worse than when I'm clean cut.

    • Do you take care of it? Shampoo, conditioner?

    • Oh yeah, I have to shampoo every day because my hair gets greasy quickly. Also, it is very fine and soft so it often looks like a birds nest half-way through the day. It's also so soft that it is hard to style, meaning it won't stay in one place.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Only keep it long if there is some style to it. Not long and unclean or anything like that. :)

  • LOL heart shaped head that was cracking me up for a good five minutes hahahahaahaha

    but anyways, duuuuuuuuuude long or long-ish hair on a guy is so sexy. let me tell you! keep it flowing and let it keep growing. peace...


What Guys Said 2

  • I had the same problem when I grew my hair out ... ummm ... 15 years ago. You can use a little gel to help with that intermediate stage. I found when my hair finally did get longer its own wait pulled it down out of that really shaggy look.

  • Cut it dude, you'll look fresh and growing it out is a pain in the ass anyway.