Do I look for my first crush in every guy I meet?

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I had a family friend way back in childhood, who migrated to New Zealand when we still were kids(say X). Although I never graduated from the position of a good friend, he somehow became more than just a friend in my eyes, which is what I realized after he left. He didn't leave his contact details while leaving, cause they were just settling out there, and would need a bit of time to set up the whole thing. Funny part is I ended up contacting him 3 years back via his closest friend who also happened to be the first guy I dated. We unfortunately never got past the dating stage since he considered me too immature and kiddish to date. He also mentioned that I looked for X in every guy I came across, since I happened to mention during one of our fights that X wouldn't ever treat me like that. Now although I am single and back on the dating scene, I still can't seem to forget X. More so because we both had a chat recently and he really seemed very sweet .So what do you think>


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  • Your attracted to "x" (I really don't see any reason to disguise his name) but you can't have him so you use him as your bench mark. There is nothing wrong with that. I have a benchmark as well. The only possible problem I can come up with for your situation is that your benchmark is based on what you believe to be reality but because you've never actually been with him; your realty could be false.

    MY opinion, not yours.


  • He definitely likes you, and may love you.

    Make your chats more intimate and see how he reacts.

    Heh... you could sign off with >-:)-< and :-*. ;-)

    Don't be concerned with what you or he said during a fight. During a fight, we lose that reasoning that sets us apart from plants and animals.



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