Would most consider this a good way to dress?

17 and I usually have on v-necks that go down a little far but not too much, some Hugo boss shirts and Armani(label kind of guy)

some nice buffalo jeans and evisu usually.

most of you women consider that a nice way to look?

Are there any women who actually find the baggy pants and extra large shirts cool and good looking? and if so please tell me why.


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  • Sounds like you have some good style there! Just be cautious of v-necks. Some people may think you're gay, even if you're not.

    I do not like baggy pants that sag and show guys butt just hanging out. That is very distasteful. Extra large shirts just make people seem bigger than they are. Which is also very distasteful.

    Keep up the good style!


    • V-necks are not gay. I don't know where you got that, every guy I see has a v-neck with a dress shirt underneath.

    • It's an opinion thing, not a fact. I work in retail, and the majority of the guys who see the v-neck shirts tell me they are gay. That's where I got that.

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  • that's sounds pretty good...

    no I don't like the baggy pants that hang at your knees and the huge XXL t-shirts... it's just weird! lol

    • Thats right because armani and hugo boss clothing is soo retarded that why they're sold worldwide and cost so much.

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  • No you look like a f***ing retard,but don't take my opinion for it ask someone in real life.

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