So I am going to a party tonight.....

hey everyone I need girls and guys advice on this like I said in my question I am going to a party and the guy I like is going to be do I get him to notice me and want to be around me? and any other random guy advice is also welcome if you want to give it..thanks everyone and have and awesome Halloween!


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  • I am sure you're going to look like a total slut, because that's what girls do on Halloween. Just stand there and put out the vibe.


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  • Dress up pretty and then TALK TO HIM! Best way to let a guy know you like him is to show interest... Make a point of coming over and talking to him a couple times during the night, just casually... and maybe glance over at him every now and again as well.

    At the end of the night, announce that you are leaving. Make sure he hears. If he says a meaningful goodbye, he likes you. If he just ignores it, maybe find someone else.

    Also you could try flirting with his friends, that might make him jealous if he likes you & cause him to step up his game. But be careful, you want to make sure he knows that it is HIM you are interested in.

    • I was going to say the same thing regarding the goodbye.

      you could also dance near him (if there is dancing) and *accidentally* bump into him a little bit.

    • I just wanted to let you guys who answered my question know how the party went.....well it turns out that me and the guy I like got to make out more then once at the it was pretty awesome...thanks for the tips

    • YAY!! making out rules. :P