If a guy makes eye contact with you for a bit?

a guy makes eye contact with you for a bit with his mouth open

what kinda message is it supposed to send?

he thinks you're cute?


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  • With his jaw relaxed (indicating a slight gap) - he is a friendly individual that has noticed you

    if followed by a smile - he would like to approach you but might be nervous to do so.

    if it wasn't followed by a smile - he would like to be approached. (wierd how it works, I know)

    With his jaw indicating is is forcibly open, he is just trying to get you to smile by indicating a "jaw dropping" moment. This would mean he is hinting that you are attractive, but there is no feelings behind his actions other than very subtle feelings.

    To tell you the truth, you need to read into all of his non-verbal communication to be accurate. reading only one thing, will usually give you an incorrect answer. So in order to get the best response possible, read his body-language entirely, and link this to what he is saying / showing.

    Here's an example:

    - He can't stop looking at you, and he smiles but shows he is nervous

    - He has his posture very attentive, like he is seeing something he should go for

    - He ignores his friends to stare in your direction

    -- This guy would be interested in you, but he would be considered a shy guy. His posture and eye contact indicate his confidence and that he is interested in you. By ignoring his friends, you hold a valuable position with him. His smile indicates he is friendly and would like to approach you, if you smile back and then walk towards him - he might catch onto the hint and take the initiative to talk to you.

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  • how (open) is his mouth by chance?

    if its like he's talking, he might be really thinking about you.

    if its just slightly open it might not mean a thing.

    but if his mouth is like in a full O, its just creepy.

    • Before we talked he just looked at me with his mouth open, not like really open, but open

    • I think you really have to talk to him more to figure out if he really does like you.

      get his number, Facebook or something.